Mobile text marketing is one of the best techniques a business can use to reach its clients. Mobile text marketing companies like Textedly allow organizations to use permission-based messages to send promotional information. The marketing campaign needs web-based applications which sent the SMS to customers.

This marketing strategy aims at getting customers to subscribe. If a customer subscribes to your service, they allow you to send them any product information and individual messages. For a customer to accept this service, they have to send a digit keyword to a shortcode. The marketing software will save the number, and the subscriber gets a notification. 

Mobile marketing is a solid strategy since most people use their mobile phones. Also, people read short messages in a short time once they receive the notification. It makes the marketing tool nearly 100% effective by getting an organization what they need. 


For this marketing tool to work, there are two key components an organization needs; The service shortcode and keyword. Clients create the keyword and sent it to the shortcode. An example is, “GET NOTIFICATIONS,” is the keyword you can send to a particular shortcode like 100321. 

Once a client opts in for this service, an organization can send its recipients information about their products and news. You can also send them discounts which will eventually attract them to your stores. 


This marketing strategy has no limitation to specific organizations. If your marketing objectives find this approach useful, then you can make use of SMS marketing. An organization can use text marketing for: 

– Creating Campaigns. 

An organization can send automated messages to clients, depending on the period they are subscribed to your service. Once a customer accepts, you can give them a 6% off discount. After two weeks, you can offer the customer an 11% discount. Textedly ensures the system is automated and can send these unique texts depending on when the client subscribed. 

– Send Coupons. 

A company can send its customers’ deals using unique coupon codes. The codes are sent to subscribers where non-subscribers can’t benefit from these services. 

– Polls. 

Customers can vote by sending specific keywords. You can run the poll for some time and do an analysis of the results. 

– Communication.

An organization can send notifications and reminders to its clients through text marketing. The strategy allows you to give your clients the best and ensure both of you are on the same page. 


Are you interested in mobile text marketing? Well, Textedly is one of the best providers for such services. You can communicate with your clients effectively. Make use of this marketing strategy if it meets your needs.