Top 5 Ways To Pamper Your Dog

For most dog owners out there, there are few things out there that are better than spending time with your furry best friend. Generally, we see our dogs as part of the family and would love to give them a fun and relaxed time the same way we would for our two-legged associates.

The problem ultimately comes down to “how do you do it”.

In truth, it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. Below, we go over 5 of the best ways you can give your dog a top-tier pampering so that they truly feel like you mean it when you tell them that they’re a good boy (or girl).

#1. Go For (More) Walks

Ok, so you probably already go on walks with your dog – that’s true. However, you have to understand that those walks are very, very different from actual “walks” with your dog. In reality, the walks you likely go on are bathroom runs and a bit of energy burn off. Those are fine day-to-day, but they aren’t the same as a long and leisurely stroll through the park or the woods.

Consider taking them out once a week for a couple of hours into the woods. If your area is particularly safe, consider letting them run free and off the leash.

#2. Put Together A Doghouse

This may seem a bit “extra”, but if your dog normally doesn’t have a set place to sleep, giving them a place to call their own may be worth considering. Dog houses allows them to play out in the backyard for as long as they want while not having to worry about the weather elements or being particularly unsafe.

Either purchase the doghouse pre-built, or put it together yourself for that added bit of love and affection.

#3. Take Your Dog To A Groomer

Dog groomers and dog spas are not just for the super rich and elite anymore. Now, there are options for everyone. The LA dog daycare,¬†Pupparazzi LA¬†has excellent dog groomers as well as dog trainers so that your pup feels incredible once they’re ready to go home.

#4. Get A New Collar

Most dogs wear their collars until they don’t. Oftentimes, a dog is likely to wear the same collars for months or even years at a time. Change it. Consider getting them an array of different collars to change up their look and give them a bit more personality when interacting with them (for example, a different colored collar based on the day or month).

#5. Doggie Treats!

What list of puppy pampering is complete without adding-in a side of doggie treats. If you know most dogs, you know that they love dog treats. You can either make them yourself or you can get them from a pet store.