Do You Need Spine Surgery? Reasons Why You Might

Back pain is one of the common complaints among adults, especially when they start getting older. Not only is it painful but it can cost you a lot of money to treat. While doctors would recommend physiotherapy or pain medication to deal with extreme back pain, the solution might be in surgery. However, not all back issues require surgery, and your spine doctor is better placed to diagnose and give you the go-ahead to try surgery. Here are some reasons why a spine doctor would recommend surgery.

If traditional treatment methods do not work

Treating back pain sometimes only requires traditional treatment methods and it fades in a while. However, if your pain is persistent and makes it impossible for you to carry out daily tasks, your spine doctor can recommend a surgical procedure to give you some relief. Spine.MD, for example, deals with thousands of patients who have a range of back and spine issues. depending on your own unique problem, the team can diagnose and prepare you for surgery.

Disc issues

One of the main reasons why patients are scheduled for surgery is because of a herniated or a ruptured disc. This can be painful because it basically means that pressure is exerted on the nerves surrounding the spine and disturbs their function.

Bone overgrowth

Another reason why your spine doctor may recommend surgery is where the spine is affected by osteoarthritis, which causes the bone surrounding the spine to overgrow. Because of this overgrowth, the space allowed for nerves to pass through is reduced, causing pain. Surgery can fix this but before that, your doctor will recommend an x-ray to rule out bulges that do not require surgery.

There are various types of back surgery depending on your back problem. The common ones which the team at performs include discectomy, laminectomy, fusion, and inserting artificial disks. These procedures are only performed after a thorough diagnosis and after all other traditional pain relief methods are ruled out.

Spine surgery can be a source of pain-free life but it could also mean trouble if not done properly. When choosing spine doctors, This is why choosing a seasoned spine surgeon is crucial. it is important to consider their expertise and experiences performing spine surgeries. A good spine surgeon is one who has many surgeries under their belt. This will rule out the chances of going to a quack and end up with more pain.